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Ashewood Farm

LJR 023R Whitmore 10W

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Registration: P43000816

Sire: KJ C&L J119 Logic 023R ET

Dam: LJR Mickey 278N

DOB: 01/16/2009

  • More caving ease. First calves born come unassisted with an average of 11 days early on gestation.
  • More fertility. Over 80% conception in a synchronized breeding protocol.
  • Dam is a Dam of Distinction with a 105 weaning ration on six calves and 345-day calving interval.
  • Great growth and performance.
  • Top 1% for CE and BW

Ashewood Farm

WF On Target 936 4051

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Registration: 43532022

Sire: Hyalite On Target 936

Dam: Whitehawk 2328 Beefmaid 143XET

DOB: 08/20/2014

One of 936's best genomically enhanced EPD son that Homozygous Polled

• Solid marked red necked, red legged, slick haired

• 100% pigmented on both eyes

• Big feet, tremendous testicles and good disposition

• Star studded pedigree

• Maternal grand dam is the famous P38 "Kate" cow at Ellis Farm, Illinois

• Maternal grandsire is top CW EPD bull in breed


First calves are ratio
WW 102.7 YW 102 REA 101.9 IMF 106.3

Ashewood Farm

WF On Target 936 4051

Ashewood Farm

AW PLD L1 Domino 26Z

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Registration: 43308858

Sire: CL1 Domino 860U

Dam: Parker MS L1 Domino 814

DOB: 02/16/2012

Notes: A straight miles city L1 in a polled package. Sired by the super preforming CL1 Domino 860U. The Dam is a beautiful polled L1 cow with a more than ideal utter pigment in both eyes. Like 860U he is a performance bull deluxe.This bull is unique every commercial breeder that sees him says, “that’s the bull I want”. His first calves are fantastic.

Birth Weight: 75 lbs

Weaning Weight: 806 lbs. actual at 229 days

Yearling Weight: 1190 lbs., 1273 pds adj. at 347 days

KCF Bennett Revolution X51


KJ TMG 236X Tebow 646Z


Loewen M326 Sir 33T


SHF Rib Eye M326 R117


Whitehawk 4R Revolution 2328

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Ashewood Farm
Ashewood Farm

RB Upshot 890-3147

- Co-owned with Circle A Angus, Savannah, TN -

- Semen is $25.00 a straw, certificate will be $45.00 -

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Sire: EXAR Upshot 0562B

Dam: R B Lady Standard 305-890

DOB: 03/19/2013

  • Dam’s production: BR 2-83, WR 2-113.
  • Full brother, RB GFC Gravity 890-3431, was Denver 2014 highlight as a light birth to growth prospect with style to burn.
  • Full sister sold to Gaffney Family Cattle production sale for $16,000 to Tim Goforth, NC.
  • RB Upshot 890-3147 is the only son of 890 to be offered in the sale and holds all the genetic potential as many of his siblings have topped sales across the country.
  • RB Lady Standard 305-890’s genomic ability has been unmatched.
  • His dam, 890, is the number one birth to growth cow in the Angus breed.
  • Has two maternal brothers at stud, RB American Made 197 at ABS and RB Riley 181 at ORIgen.
  • Maternal brother was the 2013 Midland Bull Test Champion.
  • Three maternal sisters topped the 2013 Foundation Female Sale in Denver.
  • 3147 is a brother to nine of the top 15 birth to growth spread animals in the breed.
  • Dam was the record breaker at the 2014 Foundation Female Sale in Denver for $170,000 to Herbster Angus, NE.

Ashewood Farm

Ashewood Farm

CMF 152G Bismarck 83W

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Registration: 16686111

Sire: S A V Bismarck 5682

Dam: C M F 528 Eurotia 152G

DOB: 10/21/2009

  • CMF 152G Bismarck 83W’s sire Bismarck is one of the top registry bulls for the last several years. They are top winners at the Jr. Angus National show more than any other sire. Furthermore, sons of Bismarck have held the top spots at production sales across the country.
  • Dam of CMF 152G Bismarck 83W is a on daughter of Papa Equator and is a production power house. She maintains a weaning ratio of 106 over twelve calves. She has no calves who have weaned under 700 lbs. Bismarck 83W had weaning weight of 777 lbs. This is second bull in CMF history to have a bull sell weight in over 1800 lbs.
  • Sires stout thick top eye appealing progeny with plenty of leg, length and travel well. First daughters are coming in to production and look to be as powerful as their maternal grand dam.



• JINDRA Double Vision


• RB Tour of Duty 177

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