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Ashewood Farm started in the hills of McNairy County Tennessee in the 1950’s by W.C. and Addillia Ashe, with a goal to produce high quality Polled Herefords. Later, in 1990 Ashewood Farm diversified by adding Angus cattle to the operation. Currently, the farm is in its third generation staying true to the goal of breeding high performance cattle. 

Ashewood Farm
Continuing their foundation, Ashewood Farm has customary practices to produce not only high quality Herefords and Angus beef cattle, but also to produce genetic combinations that provide top-of-the-market seedstock for their customers.  Our genetic combinations are able to furnish and translate to improving our customers’ herd profitability.  We believe, know and realize performance translates into financial gain.

Ashewood Farm’s never ending pursuit of genetic excellence has spanned over sixty years, providing timeless customer satisfaction.  We look forward to serving our customers for years to come. Billy or Wes would be happy to help you with any of your questions about Ashewood Farm.


Ashewood Farm

From: Clay Brantley
Frostproof Sr FFA Advisor & Commercial Cattle Producer

Frostproof, Florida

Billy and Wes Ashe of Ashewood Farms, were highly recommended to me from both a local farmer & family near our Tennesee vacation home. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Ashewood Farms. The quality of their cattle is evident when you visit their farm! This 6 month old steer calf weighing 630 lbs, is a result of their genetics. Both Billy and Wes are both fine cattleman but even finer people. They always make me and my family feel welcome when we visit their farm!

From: Spring Valley Farms

John and Debra Bradley

Savannah and Lutts, Tennessee

901-834-1034 & 901-626-2624

We have been purchasing all of our Polled Hereford bulls from Ashewood Farms since 1978. We have seen a significant increase in our calf weaning weight which results in increased marketability. It has allowed us to develop a thriving F-1 replacement market utilizing the Hereford X Angus crossbreeding program. We have added size, scale, structure and milking ability to our F-1 heifers. Our commercial foundation brood cow herd was developed from this breeding program.

We have also purchased Angus bulls from Ashewood Farm, to improve the progeny of our registered Angus herd. Bill and Wes Ashe are very knowledgeable in genetic traits and EPDs, and have been very involved in our selection of bulls. They take the extra effort to learn what we want, then recommend bulls that have the specific traits we are looking for to improve our genetics. We would highly recommend Ashewood Farm cattle. You can drive many miles and spend lots of valuable time looking, and not find better cattle or finer people!!

From: Maple Hill Farm

Mike and Carolyn Durak

Hardin County, Tennessee

We purchased our first bull from Bill Ashe in 1992. Over the past eighteen years we have bought four Ashewood Farm bulls. We have been pleased with every one. They meet or exceed the EPDs for which we chose them. Each time Billy has worked thoughtfully to help guide us in finding the bull that would best upgrade our herd characteristics.

The Ashewood Farm bulls we have bought have proven to be efficient breeders, physically sound, and easy to handle. Bill Ashe is honest and reliable to deal with and will go that extra mile to give assistance when needed—like the year our new bull was injured and Billy was on our doorstep with another bull so we would not disrupt our breeding season!

From: Bill Bliss

Talladega, Alabama

I have been breeding Polled Hereford cattle for nearly forty years and in that time I have purchased what I consider to be some of the best bulls in the industry from Ashewood Farm. The first bull I purchased was in the mid 70’s. At that time I told Billy I was interested in three things. My overall goal was to increase the size of the herd, increase milk production and I wanted the birth weights to be near eighty pounds. Through selective breeding with Ashewood bulls I have been able to accomplish these goals. I am not aware of any other breeder that follows the EPD’s better and selectively breeds any better than Ashewood Farm. Billy’s insight into the different bulls around the country and the available semen has also been a benefit to my herd. Why would I take on the risk of a cow not settling when they are doing such a good job AIing cattle. One thing I will always remember that Billy told me was “We are not raising bloodlines, we are raising meat” That should be the goal of every producer.

Ashewood Farm

W.C. & Addillia Ashe Ag Ed Memorial Scholarship

The 1st annual recipient of the W.C. & Addillia Ashe Ag Ed Memorial Scholarship was presented this year to Clayton Isbell.